An introduction to a few Oriental breeds



From an ancient Chinese fairy story……….."When the world was being created, what dog was allowed to lick up all the little pieces of blue sky which fell on the earth when the stars were being set in their place? The Chow Chow, said Li Pu, and that's how they got their blue tongues."

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Definitely one of the most impressive of all breeds. He is an awesome creature with his lion-like appearance and regal manner. Looking a little like a cross between a lion and a bear, the true origin of the Chow Chow is unknown and lost deep within Chinese antiquity. As it is known today, it is easily recognizable in pottery and sculptures of the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC to 22 AD). Other artifacts indicate that he was even a much older breed and may have come originally from the Arctic Circle, migrating to Mongolia, Siberia and China.

In the T'ang Dynasty (7th Century AD), it is reported that one Chinese Emperor kept 2,500 of these Chow Dogs to accompany his ten thousand hunters! Admired by Emperors as well as Western Royalty, used by Chinese peasants for food and clothing, the Chow Chow was the guardian of the household, a thing of beauty and provided food for the table in that the Chows were used in packs on a hunt.
The Chow Chow is unique in that it has a blue tongue and a black mouth - lips that just touch - and a stilted gait due to his very straight stifles. The Chow Chow can have one of two different types of coat; rough or smooth. The most common coat is the long-haired or rough coat. Chow Chows come in five colours: red, black, cinnamon, blue and cream.

The image of the Chow Chow is also being used across the world during 2006 on collectable memorabilia such as coins and stamps celebrating The Year of the Dog.

Representing the Chow Chow at the parade was "Tanaka" (BIS BJIS Ch. Tanaka of the China's Joy (Imp NL) HD00 ED00 CGC) and her son, "Kendo" (Kimekai Son of Samuri) - both owned by Vanessa Nicolau (Kimekai Chow Chows).


The Lhasa Apso is a beautiful, alert, sparky little dog, tracing its history to the mountaneous terrain of Tibet. The Lhasa Apso was used in Tibetan monastries as a sentinel dog. They would sound a warning, should anyone have managed to pass the huge Tibetan Mastiff kept outside.

The Lhasa Apso has a keen instinct for being able to distinguish friend from foe. One should not be deceived by their small size - as they have the hearts and courage of a lion. They are very perceptive and are wary of strangers.

The Lhasa Apso was never sold but given as gifts as a token of good luck. It is also said that the souls of monks who had passed on, entered into the Lhasas.

Representing the Lhasa Apso at the parade was "Andrew" (Apsosengkye Hearts Blessing) and "Jason" (Apsosengkye Hearts Glory) - both owned by Belinda Ormonde (Apsosengkye Lhasa Apsos and Tibetan Terriers).


The origins of the Pekingese, or the "Lion Dog Of China" has always been controversial. This imperial dog has an ancient background, dating as far back as 2000 BC. The Pekingese, for centuries, was worshipped in the temples. We find reference to these little Lion Dogs in early Chinese literature, and they often appear in Chinese paintings or porcelain.

From records it has being established that the Emperor of China personally selected four of these dogs as his own bodyguards. These little dogs would precede him into the Chamber of Ceremonies on occasions of state; two of them would announce his approach at correct intervals with sharp piercing barks, the other two would daintily hold the hem of the royal robes in their mouths.

While the Chinese did not keep written pedigrees, they were selective in the breeding of their dogs, and possessed remarkable ability to remember the ancestors of every dog for several generations. The ancient Pekingese were bred to vary in size, as they are today, and ranged from the tiny sleeve dogs to the larger more sturdy types.

Representing the Pekingese at the parade was "Lindy" (Ch. Calmady Never On A Sunday of Wynnsong) and "Jonty" (Ch. Ribeeland's Jon-Tee pf Wynnsong) - both owned by Melanie Nicolau (Wynnsong Pekingese).


The Shih Tzu originated from China many hundreds of years ago. The Chinese believed that these dogs were sacred.
The Shih Tzu is a compact and solid dog and has a rounded head (chrysanthemum-like face) with a short hairy muzzle. Their coats are typically double-coated, long and flowing. Shih Tzu's eyes are large, dark and round, placed apart. They add to the dog's warm and friendly expression.

The meaning of the breed name was originally "lion dog" because this variety of dog was bred to resemble a miniature lion. It is believed that this ornamental breed was created by breeding the Bei-jing gou (Pekingese) with a Tibetan dog breed, the Lhasa Apso. Recent DNA analysis confirms that this is one of the oldest breeds of dog.
Shih Tzus come in variety of colors including black, white, gray, tan, and gold spotted to a mix of several-coloured hairs. A model Shih Tzu should have a short snout, large eyes, a slight underbite, and a tail that waves above its torso. The Shih Tzu's hair can be styled in a short, summertime hair cut or a well-groomed long hair style like that used for dog shows

Representing the Shih Tzu at the parade was "Kinny" (Ch. Perlaheim Kintosada of Corin) and "Sally Sunshine" (Corin Sally Sunshine) - both owned by Corinne Diggins (Corin Shih Tzu).


The Tibetan Terrier is an enchanting, hardy, intelligent and active breed that hails from the roof of the world, Tibet.

Tibetan Terriers have to deal with extremes of temperature, fiercely bright light and high altitudes. In Tibet they would be seen rushing up the mountain, circling sheep, leaping from rock to rock - jumping with cat-like precision and without effort. Due to mountainous terrain, they are required to have large, round, flat feet - used not only to grip well, but to also serve as snowshoes.

Tibetan Terriers were never sold but given as gifts. They are lively and good-natured serving a loyal companion, although they are meant to be sparing of affection to strangers.

Representing the Tibetan Terrier at the parade was "Jordan" (Apsosengkye Magical Star) and "Jessica" (Apsosengkye Magical Miracle) - both owned by Belinda Ormonde (Apsosengkye Lhasa Apsos and Tibetan Terriers).